So I was lucky enough to take my first trip to Chicago where I knew I would find great food and entertainment and get to leave my California flip flops at home and upgrade to some sassy new boots for a weekend. What I didn’t realize is what a visually stimulating trip it would be, starting with the view from the sky.

Perfectly aligned clouds... who knew?

Architecture has always been my favorite eye-candy and there was no shortage of amazing buildings to admire, particularly when they were built in the 1920s and they are still standing tall… love this brilliant design, so beautiful and balanced.

Naturally a gorgeous building to house the original Typophiles at the Chicago Tribune

And who doesn’t love the design of a clock? I’m obsessed, I have 5 clocks in plain site in one room of my house. This big beautiful clock was built for the average joe who didn’t own a watch in the early 20th century.

Architectural Beauty and Practicality in the Early 20th Century