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Typography is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make language visible.

I’m going to date myself here but when I was in college studying graphic design, we still went to typesetters to set our type. I graduated in 1990, and computer typesetting was just around the corner. My first job, I had to figure out what type size, leading and typeface I wanted to use and let the typesetters do the rest. It was more time consuming and maybe less creative. Now we have so many font choices on our computers and can try whatever we want over and over again. This can be a boon and a bust. Finding the right fonts to fit your design can make all the difference. The fonts above are all the same size but totally different personality. Pinterest is a great place to see awesome type examples and how the perfect type can make or break your project. We had a lot of fun doing the Christmas coasters below, mostly coming up with cheesy jokes but also finding the right typefaces to fit the design and the feeling we wanted to evoke.

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This video is a great introduction to typography plus it is beautifully designed! I hope this gets your creative juices flowing. Great typography will set your project above the rest!