It’s almost too easy to connect in our world of Evites, Facebook and Twitter. I love being in contact with my friends around the world, the kids away at college and all of my girlfriends but there is just no substitute for a handwritten note. I’m a hold out when it comes to party invitations, I will ALWAYS send a printed invite to a party because I feel like the invitation is where the party begins. I don’t, however, write real letters too often anymore. I wrote a letter to a college friend last year (seriously, it’s been a year since I wrote a letter), it was a couple of pages long and my hand was cramping from the unusual exertion.

Getting a real note is such a novelty these days that when I received one in the mail last night, from a MAN no less, I was so excited! Not because I’m hot for this guy, because I didn’t know that men know how to write a thank you card. It told me that he truly appreciated my help, and I was so grateful for the note that I’m already figuring out how to help with his next big project.

They say it’s the little things in life that count, so write a little note to someone you care about, it will make her day. Here are a couple of links to super cute personalized note cards to get you started:

Monogrammed Notecard

Sassy Monogram