I just recently joined Pinterest. I know I am way behind but I don’t know how people have time to keep up with all of these new social sites popping up. It is hard enough doing a few blog posts a week, twitter and facebook, plus running Simon+Kabuki and our corporate design company, EandI Design, now I need to add Pinterest and still try to be the greatest mom and wife at home. Yikes that is a shit load to do!! I keep a constant running of lists of what to do today. I am sure at some point my head will just explode and my family will have to make do with my life insurance. Must remember to pay life insurance.

Anyhoo… Today I wanted to do a post on adding pops of color to your house and life so that you can make it through the dreary winter and I thought it would be great to test out on Pinterest. Right now in northern California we are suffering with 65-70 degree sunny skies but I know that the rainy days are coming. So instead of shooting yourself when you’ve spent the 5th consecutive day inside just add a pop of green or magenta to brighten the day! I logged onto my Pinterest account and started pinning a board called Pops of Color. Here are the results. I am not quite sure how the whole thing works yet, like how do I share it on my blog? But I am sure if I spend enough countless hours on there it will come to me. If you have any tips or tricks for a newbie please pass them on.