Is it just me or does summer break keep getting shorter? My youngest starts high school tomorrow, which is a little hard to take. I mean, he’s my baby for chrissake. And my second one is off to college next weekend- a whole state away! And my oldest is starting her senior year in college. Just kill me. It’s definitely a big transition time around our house right now. There are leases to sign, supplies piled up everywhere and mountains of paperwork to get everybody all set with school and sports and whatever.

I wish had I some good advice for coping with the chaos of school starting and kids growing up too fast. I’ll be coping by hosting my 2nd annual NFKD (No F’ing Kids Day) out by my pool next week. That’s where all my girlfriends take a few hours off from frantic cleaning, errand running, jobs, etc. and put on a bathing suit (and we don’t care if we’re fat) and hang out in and around the pool and have drinks. We celebrate our love for our children and motherhood along with the reality that sometimes we just need a damn break.

This year, in honor of so many of us sending kids away to college, we’ll have a beer theme. I’m serving Shandys (beer and lemonade or sprite) and Micheladas (beer and spicy tomato juice with some salt and lime) and maybe cheetos if I feel inspired to make them (and by “make them” I mean opening the bag and dumping it in a bowl).

Good luck getting your kids off to school and send in your beer recipes and your email address if you wanted to be invited to NFKD.