I’ve mentioned before that I try to make up for my lack of mad cooking skills by making my meals pretty but I came across some creative people who are taking the idea to a whole new level. Check out this cake I found at Lucks.com

It’s almost too cute to eat.

So the food can be gorgeous, or the way that you serve it can be designed. You’ve been to those sassy restaurants that arrange the delectable dinner so delightfully that it looks like it should be in a museum instead of a restaurant.

I wrote my guests name on the chair...

There is an art to it, but it’s not rocket science. Mix up textures and sizes and add some goofy thing that doesn’t really belong and you have designer food. Or keep it super simple and use a really graphic plate. Or go nuts with your placemat, maybe you use a folded newspaper or old album covers (laminated of course) instead of a standard mat.  Or buy these super cool lasercut paper mats that I found at etsy

With a place setting like this, who cares what you’re eating?

See how the photo below resembles a campfire? Anyone can make a stack… and it’s so much more interesting than the standard pile of veggies next to a pile of starch which is snuggled up to a piece of meat.

campfire cuisine

Great design is everywhere I look (bad design is also everywhere I look, but it makes the good stuff even more fun to find), wonder where I’ll find it next…