Irish? Not Irish? Hate green? Love green? Forget to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day? Ever try to convince co-workers you are wearing green underwear so you don’t get pinched? You must be careful, apparently St. Patrick’s Day may be the only day you can discuss the color of your underwear with co-workers without getting in trouble, or pinched as the case may be. Here are some creative ways to wear green on March 17th without looking like a leprechaun (unless you want to).

A touch of green is all you need or you can accessorize to your hearts content! Here are some ideas to get started. Think earrings, rings, hair clips, pins, glasses, nail polish, hats, belts, purses, umbrellas, bracelets, and even removable tattoos*.

Clockwise from bottom left to right: Hot Topic Kiss Me I’m Irish temporary tattoo, jellybug Green Turquoise Hybrid Byzantine Chain, Nordstrom Green Makowski Tote, iLuck Neon Bracelet, Green Nail Polish, Emerald-cut Birthstone Cocktail Ring.

*depends on where you work
*real tattoos for the hardcore.