Can appliances make you happy? If they last longer than a year, then the answer is yes (I will post about my dead vacuum cleaner later when I feel ranty). But they can also make you happy if they can be a fun pop of color in your kitchen. I personally am in love with this red KitchenAid mixer. And it’s not just because making cookie dough is my favorite thing. When not in use, some appliances either have to hang out on the kitchen counter or get hidden in the pantry or garage. If you have storage issues like me then there is not a lot of room to hide these things. If the mixer needs to stay out on the counter then it might as well be a fun color like red, green, or boysenberry right?  Pick an accent color in your kitchen and get a cool toaster or mixer in that color. Please don’t buy that ceramic kitchen chicken wearing a sweater in that color (it’s not functional and I’m guessing really tacky).

Retro kitchens are really popular and the style allows you to get really bold with the appliances. Instead of the stainless steel refrigerator, go for the bright orange or baby blue colors. How about a pink toaster? This one will totally get my daughter to help me make breakfast.

I want this baby blue Big Chill refrigerator so bad, but it will cause me to remodel my entire house around the style. It even has a matching diswasher! I will keep these in mind if I ever get a beach house.