With the recent sadness of the past two weeks, I think spring should be more than ever a time for renewal, positive vibes, and forward thinking optimism. A spring cleaning for the soul if you will. The tree outside our office is doing it’s best blooming even when the sky looks crappy.

I love welcoming spring colors and I like to welcome the season with a good long look at my closet. I believe that the clothes you put on can set the mood for the day. My spring closet observation usually starts when I need to find say, a certain blouse, and then I end up cleaning out my entire closet in a frenzy. It will be getting warmer soon (never mind the constant rain and 40 degree temperatures) so I need to purge my closet of the warm and cozy clothes and bring the spring outfits to the forefront. In case it feels like I am missing something (always) I like to consult my old faithful Pantone. They have a color forecast for spring 2011 that I love to check out. Here are the Top 10 Pantone colors for women’s fashion chosen by New York designers for spring 2011.

There is a section on designers where they feature sketches and discuss spring designs, inspiration, and must have items for spring. Just looking at the designs makes me happy.

Colors: Lavender, Honeysuckle and Peapod. Designers: Carlos Campos, Cynthia Steffie by Shaun Kearney, Erin Fetherston

Surroundings are just as important as fashion. Even a bouquet of flowers can be positive and brighten up the house with the latest colors. If you need cheering up, here have some flowers. If not, just enjoy. These were found on Pinterest. I love that site, it is like a virtual journal to keep and share tidbits of inspiration.