When I think of white on white, I remember when my kids tried to color with the white crayon on the white paper in their coloring books. When one of them old me the white crayon was broken because they couldn’t see it on the paper, I told them to embrace the texture that the crayon was creating on the paper (this is much better said with sweeping hand gestures). They would give me a constipated look and I would shake my head and go get the colored paper.

My kids eventually realized white isn’t broken. White on white can be beautiful. It can be whatever you want it to be. It’s fresh, free, and understated. It is professional and casual. It’s beautiful to see it in floral arrangements, wedding dresses, wedding cakes, easter decorations, and dinnerware. Time to go get a white on white outfit for spring! Why do I seem to always have the urge to shop after talking about color? 🙂

Images courtesy of: Vera Wang, allmodern.com, La Table Du Chatelain, allposters.com, Flowers Angel