contemplating asparagus at the grocery store

So my city has decided to phase out plastic bags (what?) Okay fine, I can get used to that. I used to get paper anyway when the bagger would ask “paper or plastic” back in the day. I can be environmentally friendly and do my part. I’m friendly…and concerned about the environment…and a do-my-part kind of person. However, for the record I did re-use every single one of those pesky plastic bags as trash can liners, scooping cat litter and dog droppings, holding wet clothes from kids little accidents, and the list goes on. I thought to myself I can deal with this and make the switch so I was going through my (okay small) collection of reusable bags and found that they were all pretty ugly.

I didn’t really focus on it before, but if I am going to carry these things all the time, they at least need to look like a cool beach bag or a fab tote that matches my shoes. I don’t want the grocery store logo or a realtor’s smiling face on my bag. It would also be a bonus if they compacted down so small that my clutch is not too packed. I searched around and was happy to find these options:

Envirosax these bags are cool, colorful and convenient — plus they’re environmentally friendly. I love the Kids Series ($8.50) which sports bright, whimsical animal prints that your children will love. And the 5-in-1 pouches ($38 ) are a perfect starter option for anyone who wants to try out reusable bags.

Flip and Tumble is more than just a cute name! The company’s bags ($9 – buy more and the price decreases) are incredibly designed. I love how easy they are to fold up and unfold again, thanks to a conveniently attached (inside the bag) stretchy pouch.

It sure comes in handy when you’re standing in the grocery store line with a toddler in your arms. You just flip it out and hand it to the cashier. No fiddling required. The longer, single strap is also nice for carrying heavier loads. And the bright color combinations make me smile.

RuMe If Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie are carting their things around in these bags ($10), you know there must be something great about them. And there is. These bags are made from water-resistant polyester, they’re machine washable, they have a long handle for easy over-the-shoulder carrying and they can hold up to 50 pounds!

Plus, they even have a program to recycle the bags when they wear down. Available in a number of sizes and tons of gorgeous prints, RuMe even has tiny baggies for snacks, cosmetics and whatever else you can think to toss into them!