It’s pouring rain as I write this post, but I’m already feeling like it’s time for Spring. I think this year is going to be The Year of The Tote for me. I’m going to collect totes the way I collect sunglasses and shoes (okay, maybe not shoes-I don’t think there are enough tote bags available for that) and use them as an accessory.

Juicy Blossoms Fabric makes a perfect spring bag

This sassy bag was made for me by a fabulous seamstress. Karen makes totes for her granddaughters out of super modern fabric collections, I saw one of her creations and I was jealous and whiny so she made me one too. Just goes to show you that acting like a toddler is pretty effective.

But if you’re like me and you do better with power drill than a sewing machine, there are lots of options in every price range.

Totes I covet.

So if you see me at the gym, the beach, the grocery store or the office, check out my tote-ally awesome bag.