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I love the look of an all white room. Especially shabby chic and comfy with just a couple of pops of color, if any. This probably won’t happen at my house during my life time. With 3 kids, a husband, 2 dogs and a cat, I’m lucky if I can get the chocolate milk stain out of the carpet. I am not a huge fan of the modern look but cement flooring does have its appeal. This year I replaced both my family room and living room couches. During my younger (more stupid) days, I decided to get light (mostly white) slip covered couches. I thought wow how great I can pop them into the wash whenever they get dirty. Which I didn’t realize would be daily! I finally broke down and got a brown leather couch for the family room and a taupe chenille couch for the living room. I’ve always avoided leather because I don’t think it is quite as comfortable, but I do have to say it was a great choice. It never gets dirty, ever! My only issue is that pillows and throw blankets always slip off. My chenille couch in the living room hides the dirt and dog hair well. As most of my friends and family know, as soon as I win the lottery, I am going all white. I may have to buy the house next door for the rest of my family but my space will be awesome! And there will be a cute victorian playhouse/office in the backyard, no kids allowed! And maybe a fairy garden since the dogs will be at the other house. A girl can dream can’t she?

This bed looks so comfy. Linens by Pom Pom at home.


Love the cute detailing and pop of color.


A mere $24,000 at PoshTots, but I could live here, so cute!

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