My daughter wanted a canopy bed (who doesn’t?) Kids grow up and the twin beds just don’t cut it any more. I was lucky enough to have a friend (Erin) who’s daughter was leaving for college and they needed a new home for this cute canopy bed. Sure we’ll take it! It was just in time, the small twin bed was going to collapse any moment from the weight of her thousands of stuffed animals (sorry mom, I now get the whole too many stuffed toys thing). We collected the bed and two months later we finally had time to set it up (we have no time management skills). She wanted pink and butterflies and I will milk this stage as long as possible as long as I don’t have to repaint her room any time soon. I took the pillow sham to Home Depot with me to match the shades of pink bedding. I hung pink sheer window panels from the canopy. If you look close, there are tiny sequins on the panels which look really cool at night. I found a cute peace sign pillow, and my daughter picked out the wall decals and butterflies. My favorite thing are the butterflies which are so easy to hang and you can move them around. The room feels like cotton candy to me. If I was my daughter’s age, I would want a room just like this.

Sheer panels, lamp, wall decals from Target.

Bedding and nightstand from Pottery Barn Kids (my favorite store).

Peace sign pillow from Justice.