These are the shoes that my kid wants to wear every single day. Seriously, it has been more than a year now and needless to say that I have had to replace them a few times. They are from Weboo Kids and they come in different colors and lots of cute styles. The kid is obsessed with dinosaurs to the point where he wanted to name our dog we just adopted “Dinosaur”. Side note: It could be worse, my daughter named our new cat “Princess Jasmine Lily Queen of Pink Hearts and Diamonds”.  While said cat was hanging from my curtains, I named her “effing cat”.

Now that we are getting that very cold California rain (I know, it’s not really winter unless you are buried in 100 feet of snow, but whatever) I searched and searched until I found a pair of rainboots that my little dinosaur would wear. How cute are these from Kidorable? Just enough teeth for my tiny dinosaur. I just had to get the cute beanie too.