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Chelsea Market - too cool, too crowded - LOVED IT

My teeny-tiny attention span was uber-challenged in New York. I’m dizzy from whipping my head around during cab rides from hell while trying to see the architecture, the signage, the culture and the freak show around us.

A wonderful 40 ft. tall surprise while we wandered around town.

Battery park was blooming with Spring and I was admiring the hottest Lady in NYC. Then apparently I traveled back in time for a bit (or someone slipped me a roofy or floory or whatever) and saw this…

Could be 1897 except for the handicapped sign and the caution tape...

I did not include photos of the ginormous rats that came out when it got dark, seriously, you could put one in a tutu and throw it in Paris’ Gucci dog carrier and she’d never know the difference. I might have to include a designer-clad rat when I start our NYC illustration collection. It will also have cigarettes, psycho cabbies and manholes, can’t wait to start!

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