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friday favorites: indoor swings

My seven year old daughter (budding designer) was sketching ideas for her “Big Bedroom Re-Do 2011″. Nevermind that it has only been a year that we last decorated it. She drew a puffy chair hanging from the ceiling and told me it was a swing and pretty please can she have it in her room and it would help her sit and read more (good try). Indoor swing? No way. I pictured a seven year old propelling about and breaking everything within legs reach.

I thought about it more and decided it would be so fun to have a swing in MY bedroom. Adults need a little more fun in our lives, right? The kid in me woke up and I thought of all the DIY possibilities and it made me giddy. Of course I would let the kids no where near it. It’s for me.  I was so excited when I saw the great collection of indoor swings Apartment Therapy has up on their site. Now, which one do I want…

Needless to say my daughter and I are still negotiating the Big Room Re-Do. We now have an adorable (grounded) Papasan chair in the running.

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color huesday: gray and orange

The middle of winter is when some of us start wishing for spring. Gray skies are not usually associated with warm bright feelings. I know, being a California girl means I can’t complain about my 50 degree day when some people in the country are experiencing a snowmageddon of epic proportions. So, to cure the winter doldrums, I say bring on the cool (pun intended) trend of pairing gray with pops of bright orange. The combination of gray alongside a juicy orange bring a modern and sophisticated feel to weddings, fashion, and home decor. This is my new favorite happy combo, it reminds me of the first spring flowers that emerge in the still cool weather. I can’t wait for spring, but for now this palette brings the perfect amount of “happy” to winter.

Images: Le Creuset Deluxe Trivet:, Ainsley Leather Chaise End Sofa:, Ventura Sunbrella® Sunset Modular Chair Cushions:, Rebecca Minkoff Handbag:, Crocus Ochre Woven Scarf:, Mystree Tiered Tank Top:, Silver City Aviator Sunglasses:, OPI Nail Polish Y’all Come Back Now Ya Hear:, Three-Tone Platform Mary Jane:, Jax Beanie:, Miu Miu Trench:, Kamik Rain Boot:, Zip Jersey Jacket:

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it’s about time!

I have a tendency to be late. All the time. I think there was an unconscious effort on my part to correct this by having a clock in every room in my house. I never really made this connection until a friend pointed it out to me: how can you always be late when you have a clock staring at you from every corner of your house? Then it hit me. Yes clocks are used to tell time, but more importantly, they contain numbers. Being a type addict (or nerd as some would call it) lends itself to collecting clocks as decorations. After a while of collecting I decided that the clocks don’t even have to have numbers and in most cases the round shape is a complimentary accent to any decor. Even though I pretty much already have a clock in every room, I am always looking for new cool designs. Here are some of my favorites. I love the fishy the most but it will go into my son’s room. He won’t know it’s really for me.

Clockwise (pun intended) from top left:

Luggage Clock: Pottery Barn

Nelson Ball Clock:  DWR

Fernando the Fish Wall Clock: DWR

Oversized Old World Clock: Target

Whatever Clock: Target

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if it kind of sucks, paint It

So I was in one of my tasmanian devil style housecleaning frenzies, the kind where I just want to throw out anything that has not been useful to me in the last week. While frantically forming “crap piles,” i.e., crap to toss, crap to take to Goodwill and crap to find a place for, I came across a standing jewelry case in my daughter’s room that we’ve had around since whitewashed oak was in fashion.


I was deciding which pile to put it in when my daughter said that she needed a place to put her jewelry. Duh.

sassy and fab jewelry case after

A couple hours and about $5 worth of paint later, we had a seriously sassy focal point for her room and it’s finally full of jewelry. You almost can’t go wrong painting something black with white trim, but it would have been equally fantastic if we had mixed fun colors.

Not everything that sucks can be cured with a paint brush, but it’s worth a try.

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