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Milfy Mondays – Look what’s Cooking

I get a farm veggie box delivered to my house once a month. Sometimes it’s a magical mystery tour and I have no idea what something is or how to cook and eat it. This week we got this alien, fractal looking oddball. I did like the bright green color but of course had no idea what it was or what to do with it. Guess what it is? Romanesco, a part of the broccoli/cauliflower family and its description sounds pretty yummy. I decided to add it and swiss chard to pasta. I roasted it with a little olive oil than tossed it with the pasta. I would say it has a very mild flavor so if you want to introduce your kids to a fun looking vegetable than Romanesco is the way to go.

Last year we grew lots of cauliflower and broccoli in the garden so I am guessing this would also grow well, I may need to add it to my list of what to grow next. I think we’ll finish off the evening with pumpkin muffins. We did spend the day cleaning the yard of dead leaves and trimming unruly plants. It was a sunny day and it was nice to be outside and now my yard looks fabulous!

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my womancave

Remember this?

My little “work room” had become a place to put crap so I decided to reorganize. I took all of the furniture out so I could get a fresh perspective on the space. Then I noticed that I hate the carpet that’s been in there for 10 years. So I tore it out. Then I had crappy plywood floors. Then I figured since the carpet was torn out I might as well paint. Now it looks like this.

My new favorite room.

It was important to keep the desk clear of clutter so I have a place to do projects and wrap gifts, hence the industrial shelving with baskets so I can see that I already have a hundred spools of ribbon before I run out and buy another one.

Necessary components of gift wrapping.

I wanted a place on the wall to pin up inspirations and momentos so I made a pushpin board out of cork squares. I layered some burlap with a sheet of gift wrap that was too beautiful to use on a gift. The “wallflowers” are from, they’re super easy to put up and come in other shapes and colors.

Waiting to be covered with pinups.

Burlap valance. Yeah, I made this.


I didn’t really need a curtain on the window but I wanted a nice finished look. So I glue gunned¬†sewed this valance out of burlap and used some Simon+Kabuki white patterned cotton fabric for the panels.

My effin’ home office project is finally almost done. I still have one blank wall that needs some loving care but I’m taking a little break to give my addled brain a chance to air out and come up with something supercute. And hopefully easy.


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girl brains and boy brains, my interpretation

I got back late last night from a speaking engagement in Sioux Falls, SD. I got to hang out with a bunch of kickass women and talk about what we need to do to get a fair shake in our careers and minimize the mommy guilt all at the same time. The explanation for inequality is really very simple, our biology dictates how we operate and since historically there were more men in the workforce, it’s naturally designed to accommodate their biology. Following me?

my brain, my hubby's brain

I’m not saying that boys are dumb. Okay, I say that all the time but only because I live with a bunch of them and I know this to be true. Even the smart ones are ignorant on occasion. But if you look at my scientific illustration of the brain, you can see that it’s not all their fault.

Take a look at this awesome video about men and women’s brains, A Tale of Two Brains.

So my theory is that we need to maximize the biology that works for us and learn to do a few things more like guys do. I don’t mean scratching your crotch and pee standing up. I mean take credit when you do a good job and don’t sacrifice your principles to make a group happy. That kind of thing. Enough philosophy for today, time to fire up my cordless drill and fix some stuff around the house.

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Cute Totes for Spring

It’s pouring rain as I write this post, but I’m already feeling like it’s time for Spring. I think this year is going to be The Year of The Tote for me. I’m going to collect totes the way I collect sunglasses and shoes (okay, maybe not shoes-I don’t think there are enough tote bags available for that) and use them as an accessory.

Juicy Blossoms Fabric makes a perfect spring bag

This sassy bag was made for me by a fabulous seamstress. Karen makes totes for her granddaughters out of super modern fabric collections, I saw one of her creations and I was jealous and whiny so she made me one too. Just goes to show you that acting like a toddler is pretty effective.

But if you’re like me and you do better with power drill than a sewing machine, there are lots of options in every price range.

Totes I covet.

So if you see me at the gym, the beach, the grocery store or the office, check out my tote-ally awesome bag.

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