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inspired in italy

I’m on an 18 day dream trip with my daughter who just graduated from college. We’ve seen more amazing things in the last couple of days than I’ve seen in California in years. California is a beautiful but young (like me) state compared to the rest of the civilized world. IMG_0183

I’ve already decided there’s a new fabric collection coming called “Santa Margherita.” Maybe I’ll design another called Venice, and then one called Florence. I’ll let you know if those stops inspire me as much as our adventure on the beautiful Almalfi coast has.

The view from a castle. No shit, I'm really in a castle looking down at this harbor.

The view from a castle. No shit, I’m really in a castle looking down at this harbor.

This is a beautiful place in every way. Except for some old restrooms in train stations where you have to stand up and pee over a hole, there’s nothing inspirational about that. I guess it’s all part of the adventure. Ciao!

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Holiday sparkles

Meet Fancy. He subs for Rudolph when Santa has a black tie affair.

This year my Christmas decor is all about glittery, vintage-y, sparkly stuff. It started in October when I saw this sparkly silver reindeer that’s the size of my dog on display at Z Gallerie. While my judgmental self was thinking it’s way too early for Christmas displays, my holiday-loving self was like “I gotta have this.” I bought it and hid it from my hubby cuz he already thinks I’m nuts, I don’t need to fuel that fire.

There are twinkling white lights in the shimmery ribbon, looks magical at night.

Close up of banister, this ornament is deer to me. Heheh.

Fresh garland with sparkly balls is so simple and the addition of different sized candles and some twinkly white lights makes it romantic. You can never go wrong with sparkly balls :)

I always include fresh flowers in my decor, and candy canes are a nice accent.

My living room is also decorated with, surprise!, reindeer and sparkly stuff. But I also have a feather-y thing going on just to make sure it looks completely fabulous. If I didn’t know better I’d think a Drag Queen decorated my house this year…

Keeping it simple in the living room, but everything has either glitter or feathers on it…

Large snowflakes with glitter glass hang from the curtain rod with tulle.

And my new favorite decoration is on a table in the entry way. It’s a random collection of a bird cage, a wreath, a candles and plumes.

Completely useless and I love it.

I think holiday decor should be whatever makes you feel festive and smiley. It doesn’t have to have a theme or matching colors. For years I’ve been collecting Bumbles (the abominable snowman from the Rudolph movie). I put them in odd places all over the house and the friends and fam that come every year during the holidays love to try to find them all.

I still have work to do, gotta get the stockings hung by the chimney with care and get out some of our traditional ornaments. And then there’s the tree… oh how I love the chaos of Christmas. And no, I have not started shopping yet. Whatever.



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July 4th overkill, more is more

We’re doing a swim party at my house for Independence Day and here’s what’s going down:

I’m making white chocolate dipped strawberries with blue sugar, it’s super easy! I found an easy recipe at Barbara likes edible glitter but I’m using blue sugar from my local grocery store because I’m too lazy to make a trip to the baking supply store. My guests will think I’m so awesome and culinarily gifted…

Festive Strawberries

I’m also doing a pound cake with home made whipped cream with a dash of vanilla, strawberries and blue berries because there is no such thing as red-white-and-blue overkill on the 4th of July at my house. I’m serving Sam Adams beer because it’s more patriotic than Bud Light and little weenies in bbq sauce because we’re sort of white trash. The ultimate goal is to make it look like I went to a lot of effort without actually going to a lot of effort…

The playlist will be Toby Keith’s most patriotic songs with some all american classic rock. The finishing touch will be white daisies in mason jars with red and blue ribbons tied around them. This is one of those details that makes a hostess look great without breaking the bank.

And to help keep little kids busy, here’s a link to a free download of a personalized coloring page: There are a bunch to choose from, you can put in the kids’ names and print them at home, makes a great party favor!

Put the kids' names in and print!

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Let the grad Party commence!

Yup, I did this to my kid.

But he turned out okay. I love photo announcements with baby/senior pics…

Whether you have a middle schooler graduating and you’re just having the fam over for a small celebration or you’re hosting a college grad party with a big crowd, there are easy ways to make it a memorable occasion.

I have a high school senior and I’m teaming up with two other moms to host a grad party so my little brain is overflowing with ideas for a kickass party that my son surely will not appreciate.








Here are some of my ideas:

• Photo invitation instead of the classic school announcement, this way the faraway relatives get a senior portrait and all of the pertinent info in one card

• Photo cake with baby picture/senior portrait

• Slide show or collage showing my son starting out cute and morphing into a horrible teenager

• School colors for linens and decor (duh)

• Yellow & white flowers with a navy ribbon around a vase for centerpieces

• Easy food, i.e., taco stand or heavy appetizers so it doesn’t matter what time guests arrive (this is important- guest might be party hopping)

• If you have a large party, hire someone to work the party – refilling drinks, emptying trash cans, picking up used napkins, etc. so you won’t have a huge mess to clean up after the party. I use college kids, they need the money and can stay up late

• Throw back a shot of the good stuff 15 minutes before the party starts so you can relax, you’ve earned a good time



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