Who says you have to do without cuteness while on a budget. Here is an easy window dress up project that even I can do. These windows in our office were originally covered in skinny white plastic horizontal blinds. (Cue the theme for the movie “Psycho”) I for one dislike plastic window blinds very much. I am sure there are some uses for these contraptions such as cheese slicers or garden rakes, but they just don’t do windows justice. Wood blinds, on the other hand, are fine which would lead to some comments about my possible plastic discrimination. I blame it on the burnt orange (!) plastic blinds I had to live with in my teenage room at my parents home. But back to the project.

You can create quick custom valances that look totally cute without breaking your budget. Erin’s super crafty mom made these for us with fabric, batting and foam board. The fabric is wrapped around the board and stapled to the back. These are light enough to be easily nailed to the side of the window trim.

Renting and scared of your landlord? No need to cover your tracks: some were sized just a bit smaller than the window opening and slide up into the window pane with no nails, glue, or commitment! A renters dream!