I was pondering about what might be interesting to write about and while I have a long list of topics that inspire, annoy and/or entertain me, the rumor on the street is that a blog should be interesting to the reader as well as the writer. This got me thinking about how easily amused I am, and wondering whether others enjoy the mundane things as much as I do. It might be a designer thing, we see the world slightly skewed.

Here is a list of recent occurrences that I find amusing, if not hilarious:

1. Driving to a water polo game with 6 teenage boys talking about POOP. They love that word, they even say it with a slight accent and they have endless stories about POOP, some are even urban myths. They actually take pictures of the SUPER POOPs and send them to each other. I find this hysterical.

2. My mother called my teenage son a Douche Bag. (I’m still laughing right now)

3. The bubbleheaded BFFs on American Idol, one was awful and the other was marginal but way cuter so she made it through. But the less-cute, less-talented one was soooo happy for her BFF, and they’ll be BFFs forever no matter what! Yeah right. She totally wanted to put an ice pick through her BFFs eye.

4. One of my clients said that the reason we work well together is because I am a bitch too.

5. I came home on Christmas Eve to find a blow up doll with a Santa hat propped up in my front yard with my Christmas decorations. Some people might be offended by that, I think I have super cool friends with too much time on their hands.

Ho Ho Ho

Look who we found in our yard on Christmas Eve

6. My four month old nephew learned to yell, he sounds like a grumpy old man. I think his first words will be “This is total bullshit.”

7. I bought a throw pillow with the number 3 silkscreened on it from Pottery Barn. 3 is my favorite number and the type is beautiful and everytime I look at that pillow it makes happy. I told you I was easily amused.

8. My business partner said the “f” word, she only does it about once a year so it’s super exciting.

9. I’m reading the worst book ever (by a super famous author) and it’s so bad that I don’t want to stop because I just can’t believe it got published. After every chapter I tell my kids what the stupid characters did and we laugh about how dumb this book is.

So in closing, I ignored the rumor on the street and wrote about things that I find amusing. Oops. I totally did not mean to do that, but it amused me. Try to be amused as often as possible, I think it’s one of the secrets to happiness.

I promise the next entry will have very brilliant observations and be informative without being condescending. Okay, that’s probably stretching it. I’ll just try to come up with something amusing for all of us.