Time to gather all of your friends and family around the tv next week for an Oscar Party. Even if you haven’t watched all of the movies it is fun to see what the stars are wearing (good or bad), listen to funny speeches (mute boring ones) and make bets on who is going to win (or should win). You can start off with a fun invitation or if you are out of time just go with an evite. As your guests arrive have them fill out their Oscar predictions. You could offer a gold Oscar statue to the guest with the most correct answers or set up a pool with various category winners. I think appetizers are perfect for this kind of party and allow guests to mingle more easily. Pick appetizers that are easy to put together before hand. You could serve sliders, small Caesar salads in plastic cups, chips and dip, veggies and dip, plus 2-3 other hot and cold items. You can have a fancy cocktail for the adults, I would go with the Mint Julep in honor of The Help and Shirley Temples are always fun for the kids. Make sure to have lots of gold and black plastic and paperware on hand. An old fashioned candy bar with retro movie candies and sodas would be cute and easy to set up. I also like the popcorn cupcakes another easy idea. You can even use boxed cake mix and frosting. As a final remembrance of a fun night with friends give each of your guest a burned cd with all of the Oscar nominated songs as they leave.

Here is the official Oscar site, listing all of the nominees and the history of the Oscars. Check out the funny video with Kevin Kline and Mike Myers, love the comb over!

Some recipe ideas:

-Popcorn Cupcakes

-Mint Julep Recipe

-Shirley Temple