I realize that Easter is in actuality, a religious holiday with great significance. But more importantly, it’s a holiday where you get to hunt for eggs and eat candy all day while wearing sassy spring colors and peep-toed wedges (cuz heels sink into the grass). I love hosting Easter at my house, I invite the whole fam damily and all of our peeps who don’t have local family members to suffer through celebrate with. Last year I had a high quotient of teenage boys (like 15 of them) so I cooked bacon, rolled it up and stuffed it into some of the Easter Eggs. I also had a “golden egg” with a $20 bill in it that nobody could find because I did such a great job hiding it. And not only could I not remember where I hid the golden egg –there were over 100 eggs, so cut me some slack– I also lost interest in counting so I didn’t even know whether they had found them all. Whatever. I found the golden egg about 3 months later while helping my son collect bugs for a science project, it was deep under a bush with some nasty ass insects.

Here are some ideas for your Easter goodies this year… This is a cute non-cooking recipe from Hersheys.

Marshmellow nests with candy eggs from Hersheys













Nesting cupcakes, cute and tasty.

And here are my super cute nest cupcakes that I made last year. Don’t forget to add a little sass to your presentation, that way if you’re a crappy cook it won’t be as noticeable. Easter basket grass makes everything look better.

I won’t be home for Easter this year, I’ll be chaperoning a bunch of teenage boys at a water polo tournament in Washington. Oh, there will still be an easter egg hunt and candy cuz you’re never too old for some bunny fun, they’ll just be stuffed with Peeps instead of bacon. But not the phony purple and blue peeps, those are gross. Only the lifelike yellow peeps.

Love my Peeps.