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My son is off to college this summer and that leaves me with just two left in “the nest”. My daughters still have quite a while before flying away – about 6 years, but I’ve often thought of what car I would drive and what kind of house I would own when the nest is empty. Growing up I always wanted a Chinook for a car. If you are unfamiliar with this car it is basically a small pick up with a camper shell attached. I thought it would be awesome to drive around with your house attached. Then as a tween I really wanted to live in an apartment, I thought that would be so fun. Don’t tell my parents who celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary next year, but I kind of wanted them to separate or divorce so I could live in an apartment. (I know I’m weird) As a college graduate I finally achieved that dream! 🙂 (The apartment not the divorce) Now of course I live in a standard ranch house and drive a standard SUV! (To drive my standard family of 5 around) But I dream of one day having a small cottage with white slip-covered furniture (and no one to spill stuff on it), a cute little garden, and a small cute car like a convertible bug or a Mini Cooper (no carpooling allowed). I guess you can tell from my Pinterest boards I like turquoise? Funny since I have none in my house now! Don’t get me wrong I love my kids dearly and will totally miss almost everything about having them at home, but, a girl can dream can’t she?