I know you were expecting a picture of David Beckham! Hah! I wish. The eye candy I am referring to are the wonderful ways to use color. There are some great color trends this year and you can easily adapt them to your home decor, clothes and jewelry. I’ve already talked about Pantone’s new color Tangerine Tango but there are plenty of other trends that are sure to be a hit.

Blue Skies – The color blue is not going away. Chocolate and blue was a hit for a really long time in home decor. The latest combos have blues mixed with taupe, green, and greys. Giving the overall feel a softer more mature vibe. Great for master bedrooms. Blue is very soothing and these new pairings are super sophisticated.

Sunshine – When you need some energy and excitement what better color than yellow to brighten your day. Yellow can be used as a subtle wall color to brighten up a room or use it sparingly but boldly. I love yellow mixed with other strong colors like black or grey. Yellow is warm and nurturing and is bound to bring you good cheer.

Grass – The color green is a happy color. I love it when it is used as a pop of vibrant color in an otherwise monochromatic scheme. Green also has a very earthy feeling to it. Reminds us that nature is nearby. Even just adding green plants brings a room to life.

Sand – I think there is a theme here! I love all white or off-white. It is so crisp and comfy. It may be unpractical for a lot of areas in your house especially if you have kids or pets but a a beautiful overstuffed, slip-covered chair or all white master bedroom is to die for.

If you’ve come this far you deserve a prize. This was the hardest picture to choose, too many good ones! You can also check out these very funny clips that my daughters found for me from Ellen’s show.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4yDNWlvK6s and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=In9XbjyCbnY