The first day of Spring was March 20! It has been sunny and warm around here and with the warmer weather the Farmer’s Markets start opening up. Some are open year round but I hate the thought of walking around in the rain to buy my fruits and veggies. But a sunny Saturday morning with coffee in hand sounds so much better. My kids love going to the farmer’s market for all of the fruit samples. They go from stand to stand tasting and then decide what their favorite was and that is what gets bought that day. We have a new farmer’s market that just opened down the street from us, so that is exciting. They say it is best to buy local and organic so why not buy from the farms in your area, it benefits everyone! If you are looking for a market in your area check out, a great site with lots of information. Plus now a days farmer’s markets have so much more than just fruit and veggies, you can buy bread, dips, fish, meat and all sorts of other fun stuff. Be adventurous and buy a fruit or veggie you’ve never tried before!