Last week I went into the book store to buy a gift but I stayed to browse around looking at books. This time I wasn’t looking for a specific genre or author, just book cover design. When I go to the book store I’m like a kid in a candy store tasting everything. As a graphic designer, I can’t help being drawn in. I used to take my kids to reading hour and pass the time looking at the children’s book covers.  If a book I see turns out to be something that I would like to read then score! I love reading and I have bookmarked many an online blog that I try to keep up with. But there is something about a book that you can hold in your hand put in your pocket and take home. Newspapers seem unwieldy and magazines feel too temporary. I like when a book cover catches my eye and piques my interest. That is a huge accomplishment when you consider the competition. Standing out amongst an immense crowd is no small feat (unless you are Lady Gaga at the Vatican on speech day).

These sites showcase some of the best book cover designs. I know that looking at book covers online does not replace going to the book store, but it is inspiring and addicting.


Book By It’s Cover

The Book Cover Archive

Some that caught my eye:


cover design: Matt Dorfman


cover designs: C.S. Neal


cover design: Chris Haughton

cover design: Paul Rand

cover design: Oliver Munday

cover design: Kelly Blair

cover design: Gray318

cover design: Gray318

cover design: Kelly Blair