My favorite – I wish this was my house!

Even though it is raining outside and there are a bunch of dead leaves on my lawn, I am dreaming about spring and summer when I can be outside enjoying my yard. I love when all of the flowers are blooming and the vegetable garden is overflowing. I have a lot of work to do in my yard but with the cold weather I have a hard time motivating my lazy ass to get out there. But I definitely like to collect inspiring pictures of what I hope my yard will look like in a couple of months! I love using both and Pinterest to collect ideas. Here are some of my favorites from both sites and you can tell that I love the whole cottage garden concept and who wouldn’t love to have a pond a little boat in their yard?! What I really want is the house above, garden, picket fence, bike and all! And if it is a block from the beach, bonus points.