I recently got a NutriBullet. I bought it at Bed, Bath and Beyond and used a coupon so it was $80 instead of $99. We’ve been needing a new blender for the last few years and I thought I would try this out. I’d heard lots of stories and testimonials about how great they are. First off it is super easy to use and clean. My kids have been making smoothies for breakfast and snacks every day since I bought it. You can throw in lots of healthy stuff and it tastes really good. I am by no means an expert yet but here are some tips that we’ve found helpful:

1. spinach and kale taste great mixed with fruit, who knew!

2. cut up and freeze bananas in large quantities, they are added to almost every smoothie

3. almond milk, coconut milk and soy milk add great flavor so does vanilla soy ice cream

4. we also add honey sometimes for sweetness

5. adding peanut butter or almonds gives it a great flavor

6. if you want a cold (shake like) smoothie add frozen fruit or ice

7. check out Pinterest for some great recipes

We’ve only had the bullet a week but there are so many treats I want to try, like soup, sorbets, mousse, etc. it’s a very versatile little product. You can also use it to grind various grain into flour, I may try this with rice. You can also make almond or any kind of nut butter. If you have any great recipes to share send them my way!