At the risk of revealing my age, “feathered” hair had a totally different meaning when I was a youngster. Now, the current trend of adding real feathers to your hair has taken flight (pun intended). Celebrities such as Steven Tyler and Jennifer Love Hewitt are sporting the trend.

In fact, feather extensions so popular that fly fishermen are having to deal with bumped-up prices and diminishing supplies for feathers needed for the sport. Who knew? There are even boutiques offering animal friendly feathers: According to Wendy Nichol Studio in New York, “the feathers are sourced responsibly, the colors are all-natural, and come from farm-raised happy birds.” Alrighty.

These are seen everywhere from runways to bus stops. You can get as crazy with the style as you want. You can go bohemian, glam rockstar or chic. The feathers are usually applied using small metal clasps and can be washed and styled like regular hair. They last four to 12 weeks, after which they break or fall off. Stylists are offering this to clients anywhere from $10 $300. In case you can’t find a stylist to do them, Etsy has plenty of choices for clip-ons and DIYs for the adventurous types.

What do you think? Will the feather trend continue to fly or fall flat? Would you try them?

Like all trends, there is a fine line between being adventurous and going a bit wacky: