I am so exited to have found a lovely network of websites that is made for anyone who loves food, weddings, and decorating (ME!).  It’s comprised of inspirational, user-submitted photo gallery sites: foodgawker, craftgawker, weddinggawker, dwellinggawker. I like to think of it as a bunch of friends to turn to for advise and expertise on just about anything.

I have stumbled across the gawkerverse network at various times before but never delved in until recently while “gawking” at this awesome idea for a Brown Paper Wedding. The premise itself was so contradictory I had to check it out. I love finding refreshing new ideas.

How cute are these wedding favors?


This is a bouquet made of vintage brooches! Sooo cool!


Found on foodgawker: What IS this pie? Made with my favorite things ever? Seriously, I am dying….


This drink looks so yummy. I can use the mint from my garden. (Truth be told, mint has taken over my backyard and is growing everywhere. We’ll just call it my “garden”)


DIY kids rooms on dwellinggawker. This one is a cute outdoors theme that is easy to do. Hey kids, this is how mommy likes to camp…


And…there is even a rad iPhone App for your convenience!