friday favorites: indoor swings

My seven year old daughter (budding designer) was sketching ideas for her “Big Bedroom Re-Do 2011”. Nevermind that it has only been a year that we last decorated it. She drew a puffy chair hanging from the ceiling and told me it was a swing and pretty please can she have it in her room and it would help her sit and read more (good try). Indoor swing? No way. I pictured a seven year old propelling about and breaking everything within legs reach.

I thought about it more and decided it would be so fun to have a swing in MY bedroom. Adults need a little more fun in our lives, right? The kid in me woke up and I thought of all the DIY possibilities and it made me giddy. Of course I would let the kids no where near it. It’s for me.  I was so excited when I saw the great collection of indoor swings Apartment Therapy has up on their site. Now, which one do I want…

Needless to say my daughter and I are still negotiating the Big Room Re-Do. We now have an adorable (grounded) Papasan chair in the running.

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