I usually look at Valentines Day in this way: Besides it being a slightly cringe-worthy holiday, you know that each one of your kids have at least 30 classmates that they need to honor in the form of a small folded Valentine and how the heck am I going to fit this in my schedule? Well, in order to properly spread the love, I try to pick the weekend before Valentines Day to tackle this. My daughter usually wants to hand-make hers. My son being the younger one and not so picky one usually wants to join in. I decided not to panic because I found these easy ideas you can make with your kids from Martha Stewart. These adorable Heart Lollipops would be a sure hit with their classmates. Simple, yet creative. Or if you find you don’t have as much time, these Folding Heart Cards are great. You can insert little candies or stickers in the envelopes. Or grab your stamps and construction paper and do a simplified version of Martha’s Hearts and Blocks and have the kids make up their own patterns.

My favorite find was from this great shop on Etsy called scenerie. If you are like me and run out of time for “The Great Valentine Making Extravaganza 2011”, these adorable printable Animal Finger Puppet Cards are a fun idea that is sure to make any kid happy. I know they make me happy 🙂

If you have any Valentines Day card making ideas or successful attempts please share! We love comments!