No, I haven’t bought a car. Yet. I think it’s time I start searching for my next car. I do love a new “project”. Although projects like these usually end before they get started. For me, the entire process of buying a car is right up there with a root canal. Can it be easy? I just want advise from another mom, with a similar schedule like mine, who still likes to be a “person” on those rare outings without the family and dog. Ironically, finding the time to research cars was hard when I spend a majority of my “free” time driving. I found this great site called which is kind of a lifesaver. They post great car reviews by moms. They totally get that according to research, women purchase 52.5 percent of new cars and influence 85 percent of all car sales. And you can look around without being stalked by a guy in dark glasses wearing a bad suit and chewing a toothpick. No offense car salesmen with good suits! I will be sure to post the final decision hopefully soon. The key chain looks kind of empty. 🙂