My snappy harlequin floor.

I got the urge to re-design my home office so I emptied it all out and hated the carpet that was left. So I “surprised” my husband while he was at work and tore it out to see what was underneath. The surprise was on me, it was crappy plywood with lots crooked nails. I didn’t want to put more carpet in or spend $1000 on wood flooring so I thought I would try to paint it.

My room is 8 x 12 so I created an 18″ square piece of cardboard to use as my guide. 12″ looked to small and 24″ looked too big so I settled for a middle size that would easily divide into an 8 x 12 room.

I primed the floor, not too perfectly because I wanted the paint to look weathered. Then I used my square to draw in guides with a pencil. After that, I taped off the area that would stay white and painted the tan color inside of the tape. After the paint dried, I applied a coat of oil based sealer so it wouldn’t flake or scratch easily.

Taping sucks but you gotta do it.

This is not rocket science but it takes a lot of hours. I am totally in love with the end result so it was worth every minute.