I had a crazy busy weekend, one that included going to the mall. I suggest you stay far away, but since Macys left the sensor on my sister-in-laws gift, I had no choice. 🙁 It was scary, lots of honking! People need to take a chill pill before going. It’s going to be busy, someone will take your parking spot, and some of the things you want to buy will be sold out, deal with it. I also had two soccer games to go to and an annual -not to miss- cookie exchange. I squeezed in a few minutes to make these super cute Christmas Tree in a mason jar decorations. They are super easy and anyone can do them, plus you get to skip paying $40 for them at stores like Anthropologie.

What you need:
Jars with lids – any kind will do, we keep and clean spaghetti sauce jars
Snow – I bought a bag of snowflakes at Home Depot, you can also use epsom salts
Glitter – any color
Bottle Brush Trees – Multiple sizes are good, I found mine at Hobby Lobby
Glue Gun
Other embellishments – Small figurines, Glittery houses, other ornaments

You can glue the little trees either at the bottom of the glass jar or on the lid. I think I prefer the bottom of the jar. I tried it both ways. Then I just added fake snow and some glitter. The next one I make I think I will spray the tree with adhesive and roll it in glitter. You can decorate the lid, mine has fabric on it, or paint it or leave it.

This online source had some really cute trees,