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Last weekend I had my daughter’s sleepover birthday party. After everyone left I had a pile of chargers and clothes that needed returning. Of course we had no idea whose stuff was whose! I just ordered some personalized labels for my daughter that will help next time and any time she misplaces something (which is often)!

I ordered the labels from They have lots of fun designs for boys and girls including clothing, chalkboard and keyboard labels. The personalization process was easy to use. My only issue was that I did not read very carefully so I ordered the very small size label, oops! The small label works great for clothes and all of the labels are water proof, dishwasher proof and can be thrown in the washing machine. Their packaging is really cute and funny, just up my ally.

Before your kids go to camp make sure and order a set, I had to use a sharpie to mark my kid’s clothes but these labels are perfect. I think they’d also come in handy for college move-in. You can include your phone number or address on some of the bigger labels. The chalkboard labels were easy to apply and we used chalk to draw on them, you could also use a chalk pen. If you sign up for their newsletter you can get 15% off your order. Check out some of the great uses below and get labeling!




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