December is the time of year when you and the little ones in your life can get reacquainted with holiday traditions, or maybe start a new one. It is fun to get kids into making a project that they can look forward to each year. Especially when the weather is freezing and everyone is cooped up (banging each other over the head with wrapping paper rolls) inside. We like to “try” something new each year and if in the process it sucks or the kids cry then we just decide to drop the idea next year. Easy, right? Looking around for ideas, I found these adorable little glitter houses that look fun to make. With glue and glitter your kids will think you are awesome.

Or the traditional gingerbread men are always a hit.

I like making gingerbread men and decorating them all in different outfits (it’s a designer thing). With gingerbread men, you too can be a designer with little effort. You don’t have to get all “Project Runway” on them, but you can be creative. A little colored frosting and imagination can go a long way. Or if you are feeling especially innovative they can take on a life of their own like these fun gingerbread reindeers from Martha Stewart. Cute or what? I think I’ll try these this year.