Meet Fancy. He subs for Rudolph when Santa has a black tie affair.

This year my Christmas decor is all about glittery, vintage-y, sparkly stuff. It started in October when I saw this sparkly silver reindeer that’s the size of my dog on display at Z Gallerie. While my judgmental self was thinking it’s way too early for Christmas displays, my holiday-loving self was like “I gotta have this.” I bought it and hid it from my hubby cuz he already thinks I’m nuts, I don’t need to fuel that fire.

There are twinkling white lights in the shimmery ribbon, looks magical at night.

Close up of banister, this ornament is deer to me. Heheh.

Fresh garland with sparkly balls is so simple and the addition of different sized candles and some twinkly white lights makes it romantic. You can never go wrong with sparkly balls 🙂

I always include fresh flowers in my decor, and candy canes are a nice accent.

My living room is also decorated with, surprise!, reindeer and sparkly stuff. But I also have a feather-y thing going on just to make sure it looks completely fabulous. If I didn’t know better I’d think a Drag Queen decorated my house this year…

Keeping it simple in the living room, but everything has either glitter or feathers on it…

Large snowflakes with glitter glass hang from the curtain rod with tulle.

And my new favorite decoration is on a table in the entry way. It’s a random collection of a bird cage, a wreath, a candles and plumes.

Completely useless and I love it.

I think holiday decor should be whatever makes you feel festive and smiley. It doesn’t have to have a theme or matching colors. For years I’ve been collecting Bumbles (the abominable snowman from the Rudolph movie). I put them in odd places all over the house and the friends and fam that come every year during the holidays love to try to find them all.

I still have work to do, gotta get the stockings hung by the chimney with care and get out some of our traditional ornaments. And then there’s the tree… oh how I love the chaos of Christmas. And no, I have not started shopping yet. Whatever.