Today I wanted to talk about one of my new favorite sites, For anyone that is remodeling, moving or just likes to update with the seasons this is a great place to peruse. You can search by room, style and even by city (just in case you want to snoop on your neighbors). It’s like going to a million open houses or house tours from your own living room.

I have set up my own idea books for areas in my house that I want to work on. I want to one day tear out my kitchen and put in one of the beautiful all white kitchens that I have saved in my kitchen idea book. I am not sure white is the best option with 3 kids, a husband, 2 large dogs and a cat but hoseable cement cabinets seem cumbersome. Often times I just look for display ideas for coffee tables or family picture displays. You can also get more information on certain items by scrolling over the photos. When the green tags pop up, like in the image below, you can get more info for that item. It is a well designed and easy to use site and it is like crack for all of us visual people who can’t get enough of the pretty pictures.