Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 8.51.49 AMAs you may recall from this previous post, I’ve had some issues with our vegetable garden and was trying out a new spot. The larger raised beds are under a tree and get dappled sunlight most of the day. So our vegetables weren’t thriving as well as I would have liked. So this year we cleared out an area on the super sunny side yard to plant. This side of our house gets sun all day, which is the reason the previous owners put in a Sunroom! It must have been a weight loss method because when it is 90 degrees outside and 100 degrees inside we are all dripping sweat! I digress. Anywho, after putting in new soil, fertilizer and planting, we have a thriving garden, almost too thriving. Lesson learned, when it says plant 18 inches apart they’re pretty serious. We have lettuce, chard, basil, tomatoes and eggplant growing quite nicely. Next plantings though will be more spread out and less lettuce, how many salads can one family eat?!