very family friendly

We had a blast in New York City but it certainly was not because we had awesome cab rides and even better dinner service. We had a blast because there is so much to do and see in New York city. I thought it would be appropriate to give some thoughtful advice to New Yorkers since it is a tourist capital, all though it does not seem to matter – people still flock there! When I get in a cab a simple hello would be nice, extra bonus points for some great tourist tips. Instead for the most part we got the ride from hell, I think every cab driver’s butt was on fire and they were looking for the nearest watering hole to put it out. And if you are a pedestrian and it says walk watch your ass ’cause they do not care. They will honk as they plow into you though. Maybe it is because they are all rushing to get to the “Gentlemen’s Club” that is advertised on every single taxi in NY. Dinner service was just slightly better with one exception but that was because our waiter had just moved to NY from California, no fair! Please just check on me once to refill my water glass. At a Starbucks across from our hotel, we packed in like sardines to get our morning mojo. No hello, thank you or please from these ladies. When I asked for my spinach feta wrap to be cut in half she said no and moved on to the next customer. Yikes! I know it takes a little bit longer to add niceties but it is worth it. Even just a smile, pretend you appreciate my business. There were some exceptions, our hotel, The New Yorker, was great. Definitely glad to be back to California but I do plan on making my way back to New York at some point to see the sites again. Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised!

it's Times Square for crying out loud, isn't everyone standing around!

at least our hotel had our back