Anyone else have a high schooler going to the big Homecoming dance? If you do,  you know that taking pictures of the kids before the dance is almost as big a deal as the dance itself. Here are a couple of tips:

1. If you can take the pics outside, do it. The overall effect will be softer and the pretty dresses will stand out against the natural background.

2. Avoid bright light, if the kids have their faces in the sun, they’ll squint. If it’s behind them, they will be dark. Try to position the kids and the photographer with the sun to side of everybody.

3. If you have to take photos indoors, stay away from busy backgrounds or bright white walls, they’ll detract from the subject matter.

4. Take lots of candids while the kids are organizing themselves, these seem to be the best photos with real smiles.

5. Don’t forget to ask another person to take a photo of your teen with you and your hubby, you only get so many opportunities to get a picture of the three of you.

6. When the kids come to our house to take their pre-dance pics, I have light appetizers and drinks out for them and their parents. It usually takes about 45 minutes to get through snapping photos and then the party starts as soon as the pictures start.