Seems pretty simple right? Weren’t we all taught that as a kid? What happened to manners? Now a days the general population can comment on anything and everything. We can comment on our friends Facebook pages, we can comment on blogs, we can even comment on news articles. Why? Unless the person is an expert on the subject why do we allow comments on everything? When I read the comments, at least half of them are mean, racist or whiny so I am not sure what purpose this is serving. I know a bunch of people will spout freedom of speech but when did we get so mean and spiteful as a nation? I’m pretty sure our Founding Fathers weren’t thinking we should diss every person we disagree with when they came up with Freedom of Speech. Plus aren’t we trying to teach our children not to bully – but we as adults bully people with our anonymous comments left on websites! If you don’t have anything nice to say then at least print your name and phone number so everyone knows who you are!

Here are some real examples of comments pulled from the internet (these are the tamer ones):

-Obama hitched his team to the wrong wagon as new witnesses come forward conforming Zims story, Now that racist pig in office has to do damage control. First thing he should do is denounce the panthers putting a bounty on Zims head and separate himself  from this whole mess, but he can’t without losing the black vote. I truly hope this is what it takes to get him out in NOV

-You’re an insensitive **** and SOB. Did your momma used to kick you in your no-no place with her Army boots? A man, who you don’t know, accidently killed himself and you want to label him a redneck and ditch him. Go take a long walk off a short pier you idiot. Some day you’re going to thank a redneck with a gun for saving your life.

-isnt he the driver of the clown car? man eff that dude, by the way how the hell you owe 800,000 grand in child support, what they fucc are they feeding the kids, lobster and caviar every day? and wearing expensive clothes? i cant feel sorry for these drones