So I’m walking to the bank in the cute little downtown-y area where we work, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a gigantic tree wearing a sweater. No shit, that really happened today. I felt like I found a pot of gold or a twenty dollar bill in last year’s winter coat. Check it out.

Dr. Seuss would love this tree.

Each section is knitted and then some lunatic had to stitch it all together, all the way up this tree. It looked so snuggly on a brisk winter day. There was no sign or other info about who did it or why it was there (maybe there will be on my next bank run) but I am so happy that I opted to walk today. What an utterly brilliant, inspired, crazy fun surprise.

I hear knitting is all the rage in the U.S. these days, unfortunately it’s on my list of things I don’t have the patience to do. This blog might inspire me to try it out… What’s not to love about a blog called ChicKnits?