It’s that time of year, when school is winding down, senior ball is over and kids are finishing their finals. Some are moving to the next grade but some like my son are graduating high school. It seems like it was only yesterday that he started kindergarten. I had just had my third child three weeks before school started and I remember dragging all 3 of them to school every morning. The car seats, the strollers, helping in class with a baby bjorn attached to me. Now my son is 6′ 4″ and certainly doesn’t need any help in the classroom. Luckily he’s turned into a really responsible super great kid! He’s off to San Diego State next fall and we are all really proud of the man he’s become. Today we get to celebrate his accomplishments at his high school graduation. There will be inspiring speeches, hot sun, lots of crowds and a whirlwind of picture taking. But I’ll be right there pushing and shoving along with all the other parents to get the best seat in town!

Here are a few really great and inspiring graduation speeches: