I have a tendency to be late. All the time. I think there was an unconscious effort on my part to correct this by having a clock in every room in my house. I never really made this connection until a friend pointed it out to me: how can you always be late when you have a clock staring at you from every corner of your house? Then it hit me. Yes clocks are used to tell time, but more importantly, they contain numbers. Being a type addict (or nerd as some would call it) lends itself to collecting clocks as decorations. After a while of collecting I decided that the clocks don’t even have to have numbers and in most cases the round shape is a complimentary accent to any decor. Even though I pretty much already have a clock in every room, I am always looking for new cool designs. Here are some of my favorites. I love the fishy the most but it will go into my son’s room. He won’t know it’s really for me.

Clockwise (pun intended) from top left:

Luggage Clock: Pottery Barn

Nelson Ball Clock:  DWR

Fernando the Fish Wall Clock: DWR

Oversized Old World Clock: Target

Whatever Clock: Target