We’re doing a swim party at my house for Independence Day and here’s what’s going down:

I’m making white chocolate dipped strawberries with blue sugar, it’s super easy! I found an easy recipe at barbarabakes.com. Barbara likes edible glitter but I’m using blue sugar from my local grocery store because I’m too lazy to make a trip to the baking supply store. My guests will think I’m so awesome and culinarily gifted…

Festive Strawberries

I’m also doing a pound cake with home made whipped cream with a dash of vanilla, strawberries and blue berries because there is no such thing as red-white-and-blue overkill on the 4th of July at my house. I’m serving Sam Adams beer because it’s more patriotic than Bud Light and little weenies in bbq sauce because we’re sort of white trash. The ultimate goal is to make it look like I went to a lot of effort without actually going to a lot of effort…

The playlist will be Toby Keith’s most patriotic songs with some all american classic rock. The finishing touch will be white daisies in mason jars with red and blue ribbons tied around them. This is one of those details that makes a hostess look great without breaking the bank.

And to help keep little kids busy, here’s a link to a free download of a personalized coloring page: frecklebox.com. There are a bunch to choose from, you can put in the kids’ names and print them at home, makes a great party favor!

Put the kids' names in and print!