This was designed for grown women, seriously. Awesome.

Has anyone else noticed that the line between products for kids and adults has gotten fuzzy? I mean, “too-many-martinis” or “I-lost-my-contacts” fuzzy. I’m seeing Hello Kitty in rhinestones on $400 purses and my sons are having smack downs with my husband over who gets the next turn on X Box.  Is our generation having a hard time growing up? Or are our kids growing up too fast? I actually don’t care what the problem is, I’m pretty happy that it’s socially acceptable for me to be immature when the mood strikes.

I love the nostalgic graphic tees that are out now, my kids are wearing AC/DC shirts and I have an old school Batman tee cuz “Batman” was my first word, I was born into an era of outstanding television. If you want to be in my club, get this tee at

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The “immature grown up/too mature kid” trend inspired us to create some new designs based on stuff we thought was uber cool when we were in high school.

And I just love the cuddly little creature with a nasty attitude, so we came up with a herd of Cuddlebumps that even a teenager could love. This is Hannibal the Lion, he’s cute but he bites.

for sassy chicks only, sissies need not apply