8 more days until Christmas!! Yikes! Sadly I have not done our family Christmas Card yet. With one kid in college the photo opportunities happen less frequently. For some reason we could not find the time at Thanksgiving. So if I do a card this year it will have to be a New Years card, we’ll see how motivated I am after the holidays to get that done! 😉

I usually buy a couple of extra gifts to have on hand in case I’m invited to a party or one of my kids are invited to something. There are a lot of super easy gifts that can be had either by baking or just running to the grocery store. Here are a few of my favorite:

10 Last Minute Gift Ideas
1. Magazine subscription – This one is so easy. Just grab their favorite magazine at the supermarket  and wrap it with a note saying it includes a year long subscription.
2. Food Basket – Got a foodie on your list? Head to World Market or Whole Foods. Buy flavored oils, salts a nice balsamic vinegar and toss in some crackers or bread.
3. Food Basket 2 – Got a sweet tooth? Gourmet chocolates from Whole Foods, yum!
4. Coffee or Travel Mug – You can fill it with hot chocolate mix or Starbucks gift card.
5. Fun Socks – Perfect for kids. There are tons of fun patterns, you can’t go wrong.
6. Office Supplies – Head to your local office supply store and pick up some fun note pads, quirky paper clips and writing utensils.
7. Baked Goods – Everyone loves home made cookies, candy and bread. Check out Pinterest for some great recipes. We are making Christmas Coal, Peanut Butter Fudge, Peppermint Patties and White Chocolate Truffles for gifts. I think I may gift a lot of these to myself 😉
8. Beauty Products – Make some home-made beauty scrubs and butters. Don’t have time? Head over to the drug store and pick up nail polishes and nail accessories for a cute gift.
9. Candles – Whether you make them yourself in a cute mason jar or buy scented ones at the store, they make a perfect gift.
10. Hair Accessories – Perfect for a teen on your list. Head bands, scrunchies (they’re back), bobbie pins and styling products make a great gift.